IMPORTANT! Effective Immediately:

For new Security Guards who do not hold an MED badge or current badge from a neighboring city*

There are major changes to occupational fingerprinting in Colorado. The Town does not have a choice on the type of fingerprints that can be accepted, so please follow the instructions.

Fingerprints are now being done by a vendor chosen by the State of Colorado. You have to make an appointment online. Right now, the closest location is in Fort Collins. There are plans to open a Greeley location soon, but we do not have a date. You will pay the fingerprinting fee ($10) and the CBI fee ($16.50) when you get fingerprinted. The Town of Garden City used to pay that fee, which is why the fee for a new security guard is higher than that of a renewal or someone with a current badge in a neighboring city. This fee will be discounted from your Garden City Security Badge fee until a new official fee is set by the Board of Trustees.

Link to make an appointment:

Cost when you get fingerprinted: $26.50

Cost for a Security Guard License in Garden City : $25.00

*Neighboring Cities: Evans, Greeley, Loveland or Fort Collins

Total cost for a new Security Guard badge: $51.50: $26.50 paid to the fingerprint company and $25.00 paid to the Town of Garden City.

For Security Guard badge renewals or if you hold an MED badge or current badge from a neighboring city:

Nothing has changed. Fingerprints are not required, and your cost is $25.00 at the Town of Garden City.

Application Forms

(the fee for a new license will not change on the form until the official fee is set – $20 will be deducted when you apply)

Security Guard Application

Solicitud Para Seguridad Privada Empleo/Agente