Police Chief Jeremy Black is working to ensure a smooth transition from services provided by the Weld County Sheriff’s Office to Garden City’s own Police Department on January 1, 2018. Chief Black started accepting applications for Police Officers on Friday, September 15, 2017.

Job Description


Additional application pages (if needed)

A cover letter, resume, and application must be submitted to be included in the hiring process.

The application and additional pages are fillable PDF forms. The last page of the application is an affirmation that must be notarized. The affirmation is the only page that must be printed, signed and scanned if you choose to complete the application on a computer and submit by email.

If you need to include additional pages and are able to create a PDF from a document (such as Microsoft Word) or can scan in additional pages, you can do that rather than using our additional pages.

It is preferred that you fill the form out on your computer, however it is acceptable to print it and fill it out by hand. If you choose to do that, please write legibly. You can also email or call the number in the job description for a faxed or mailed application.

Applications may be emailed, mailed, faxed or delivered in person. If you choose to deliver the application in person, the affirmation can be notarized at the Town Hall during regular business hours (listed here).

Email: police@townofgardencity.com

Fax: 970-351-6549

Mailing/Street Address:
Garden City Police Department
621 27th Street Rd
Garden City, CO 80631

Phone: 970-515-6299