drawing of flea mkt building

Artist’s rendering of 8th Avenue building with new facade and landscaping.
sample wayfinder signs

Sample wayfinding signs. 

3D Renderings – Click on the location icons to zoom in. Once the location icons do not have numbers, clicking on an icon will bring up an image. Click on the image to zoom in. From there you can use your mouse to change your point of view and take a look around.

8th Avenue Realignment Plans

In 2014, the late Dan Ruhala, a Town Board member at the time, had the idea that Garden City become a Main Street Community.  This is a designation from Colorado’s Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) for communities that apply for the designation and then develop the community to meet certain standards.

After meetings with DOLA and Downtown Colorado, Inc (DCI), it was determined that Garden City would benefit more from a DCI assessment to get ideas on how to improve the 8th Avenue corridor through Garden City, making the town a more vibrant, fun and safe place to live and visit.

You have seen some of the results of that assessment already. Garden City’s new logo and this website are products of the assessment. Soon you’ll be seeing new banners affixed to our light poles on 8th Avenue. The most ambitious part of the plan is adding sidewalks and more parking to 8th Avenue. Follow the links below to view an abridged version of DCI’s report and the engineering plans for 8th Avenue.

DCI Assessment (67 page PowerPoint presentation in PDF)