You can now pay for all services and citations for Garden City online. We have started using Payport for online transactions. Payport is a service offered through the State of Colorado. There is a service charge to use Payport, but it is signifantly less than the online service we previously used for citations. When you are checking out, you will enter the amount you are paying. On the checkout screen, once you choose either credit/debit card or electronic check, the service charge will appear. For cards, it’s approximately 3%. For electronic checks it’s a flat $1.00 fee, so if you have your checking account information, this is typically a less expensive method of payment.

  • For citations: the amount due is shown on the citation. If there is no amount, that means you must appear in court. Please call 970-351-0041 if you have questions about that. Your court/citation receipt will be emailed to the address you enter when you are checking out.
  • For security guard licenses: the fee is $25 for a new license or rewewal. We may be able to handle a renewal remotely if we have your photo on file. New licenses will need to come to the Town Hall. Security guard forms can be found here (Solicitud para seguridad privada empleo/agente).
  • Dog licenses: Dog licenses are $5 for a spayed/neutered pet or $10 if not. If you want to conduct this transaction remotely, you will need to email a copy of the dog’s current rabies documentation to Once we receive payment and the rabies certificate, we will mail your receipt and tag to you.
  • Building Permits: The Building Permit application is here. Once you send that in to, he’ll email or call to tell you how much the permit will cost and what the permit number is. Some permits will require a plan review by the building inspector, and plans will need to be delivered to the Town Hall.
  • Business License: Businesses receive an invoice for their license at the beginning of the year. The invoice number is your business license number.

Please call us if you have any questions about online payments. 970-351-0041